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Prompt Valley Wide Service

Our inspections meet or exceed 'The Arizona Standards Of Professional Practice'.   We produce a computer generated report within 24 hours and provide an in-depth educational walk through to inform the buyer of conditions needing service and/or attention.   In addition, we provide the buyer with informational remedies and helpful maintenance tips to properly maintain their home.   The walk through and one-on-one with the buyer is one of the most important aspects of the inspection process.

It is our utmost priority that the customer has a clear understanding of necessary repairs as well as the workings of systems and components of the home. Customer service and satisfaction are our goals.

About Us

  • Rob Sell Owner/President
  • Arizona Certification #38865
  • ASHI Certified
  • In Business over 20 years
  • Residential & Commercial Inspections
  • Conducted Over 4,500 Inspections
  • Competitive Fair Pricing

"Sell" Home Inspections is owned and operated by Rob Sell and has been conducting residential and commercial inspections in the Phoenix Metropolitan area since June of 2002.   I have been a state certified home inspector since Jan 2003. My education includes 20+ years in the construction trades to include masonry and frame construction.   In addition, I graduated from Arizona Sun Tech in June Of 2002 and further completed all of my parallel inspections with state certified inspectors carefully observing, and evaluating each inspection.   "Sell" Home Inspections is a member of Pro Spex Inc., which is a professional organization dedicated to providing inspectors with professional on site information day or night.   In addition, I am a proud US Army veteran with over eight years of Active service to include being A Desert Storm veteran.  

Why Inspect?

  • Buying a home is typically one of your largest investments
  • We look for items the untrained eye may not see or even know to look for
  • Provides buyer with peace of mind
  • Inspection is unbiased
  • Home inspections provide a clear understanding of necessary repairs whether major or minor

Inspection Services

Inspections cover essential systems and components in the residence.   As well as including all items listed below, each inspection concludes with a thorough walk through which is intended to educate buyers and familiarize them with the home.   Need a termite inspection too?   You can order a termite inspection to be completed at the same time as your home inspection.   Please call (602) 908-7355 or email for pricing information on all services.   A complete sample inspection report is available here.

  • Foundation, Structure, Basement
  • Interior Wall, Ceilings, Floors
  • Exterior Walls
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Attic, Visible Insulation, Roof
  • Plumbing Systems & Fixtures
  • Door & Windows
  • Site Grading & Drainage
  • Electrical Systems & Fixtures
  • Driveways, Walkways, Garage
  • Chimneys & Fireplaces
  • Water Heater
  • Garage Door / Automatic Openers
  • Pool / Spa
  • And More

Customer Reviews

Kristina Sabo - Realtor, United Brokers Group
Rob is the best in the home inspection business in Arizona! Reliable, thorough and knowledgeable! I never worry about referring him to any of my real estate clients and he is amazing at explaining findings to clients in a manner that is understandable without being scary! He gives you the option of an in person walk through at the end of every inspection! If you are unable to meet with him the inspection report is loaded with pictures and detailed explanations so you get a true understanding of all the findings! Thank you Rob for over 10 years of partnership…it is always a pleasure to partner with you!
Anita Kegler - Realtor, Home Smart
I am a Realtor and have been using Rob for several years. He is amazingly thorough in his inspections. He always takes time after his inspection to walk my clients through the home, inside and out to explain his findings and point out areas of concern as well as the great things about the home. My clients love him because he is so patient and knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend Rob at Sell Home Inspections! You won't be disappointed!
Steve Longshore - West USA Realty
I’ve been in the real estate business for 30+ years and have used many different home inspectors. Rob Sell, Sell Home Inspections, is one of the best. He is very thorough with his inspections. Where he really shines is how he speaks with the customer making them aware of potential concerns but comfortable with minor (normal) issues. I highly recommend them!
Lorraine Ryall - Realtor, KOR Properties
I have been a Realtor for 14 years and Rob Sell is the only home inspector I like to work with! He is professional, thorough, and a great communicator. His reports are clear and extremely detailed. Rob does a great job explaining the components of the inspection in a understandable way to my clients and he is also quite responsive and helpful in answering any follow-up questions! Choose Sell inspections and your clients will have a very positive and professional experience all around.

Recent Findings

Picture of damaged air conditioner condenser

Damaged Air Conditioner Condenser Unit

Picture of multiple circuits connected to on circuit breaaker

One Circuit Breaker Feeding Multiple Circuits

Picture of cracked foundation due to foundation movement

Foundation Movement

Picture of very old fuse panel with defective wiring

Outdated Fuse Panel with Neutral Wire Used to Feed Circuit

Picture of water damage from roof leak

Water Damage From Roof Leak

Picture of improper roof flashing on a brand new home

Improper Flashing - On a brand new home!

Picture of crack in pool from structural issues

Pool Structure & Foundation Issues

Picture of improperly installed wiring junction boxes

Improperly Installed Junction Boxes

Picture of improperly installed joist hanger

Improperly Installed Joist Hanger

Picture of exterior wall build with no footing

No Footing for Foundation

Picture of termite tube in a fireplace

Termite Tube Inside a Fireplace!

Get In Touch

Please feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing SELL Home Inspections.

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